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#ifndef _GVM_H
#define _GVM_H

/* structure to represent the configuration of the volume manager */
struct gvm_configuration {
      GConfClient *client;

      gboolean automount_drives;
      gboolean automount_media;
      gboolean autobrowse;
      gboolean autorun;
      gchar *autorun_path;

      gboolean autoburn_cdr;
      gchar *autoburn_cdr_command;  

      gboolean autoplay_cda;
      gchar *autoplay_cda_command;

      gboolean autoplay_dvd;
      gchar *autoplay_dvd_command;

      gboolean autophoto;
      gchar *autophoto_command;

      gchar *eject_command;

/* where our settings are rooted in the gconf tree */
#define GCONF_ROOT_SANS_SLASH "/desktop/gnome/volume_manager"
#define GCONF_ROOT            GCONF_ROOT_SANS_SLASH "/"


extern gboolean gvm_get_clipboard (void);

#endif      /* _GVM_H */

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